Welcome! We’ll be using this website to update y’all on our tiny home building progress. Our plan is to build two tiny homes (because we’re only children that missed that lesson in kindergarten on sharing), find a little patch of land and set up a permaculture garden. That’s the end goal. But what have we done so far? And how did we even arrive at this decision? Great questions!

So far we’ve: moved to a house that has plenty of outdoor space to accommodate building two tiny homes, read piles of tiny home books, watched hours of tiny home shows and documentaries, mocked up dozens of potential floor plans and started purging all the stuff that won’t fit in a tiny home. That last one has been the hardest so far, and something we’ll be talking about in the future!

As far as how we got here, well it’s been a journey to say the least. We’ve been talking about tiny homes for years. I (Tami) love the idea of downsizing, having less stuff, and therefore having more time and disposable income to spend on experiences. Kevin liked the idea of tiny homes from an ecological perspective – smaller footprint, easy to build with eco-materials and overall lower cost to build. Over time we’ve both come to appreciate the others reasons for loving tiny living.

But what actually pushed us over the edge was when Kevin got injured. And not just like, need to take a month off and then right back to work. More like, in year you can probably start working again. Which brought up a lot of big questions for both of us. Financial questions. Life goal questions. Career questions. And the short, painless, version is that we didn’t want to delay our dream life anymore.

We’ve had a very defined vision of how we’d like our life to be, but we were a bit complacent with steady jobs and a beautiful rental home. Kevin’s injury shook all that up and really made us examine our choices and lack of progress toward our end goal. Which is how we got here. Making tiny steps toward tiny living.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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